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Young chess players battle it out

Five young chess players proved their worth at a tournament that attracted its largest player turnout to date.

The Bermuda Youth Chess Championship saw 22 youngsters test their chess skills at a two-day tournament at the Elbow Beach Hotel.

The event, on February 23 and 24, was overseen by the Bermuda Chess Association.

Sergey Goncharov, the tournament director, said: “The significant turnout of young players and the number of supporters just goes to show how much progress chess is making in Bermuda and how well received this hugely beneficial activity is to our youth.

“We are now organising the Bermuda School Chess Championships, and will continue to work tirelessly to enable young players, and the public at large, to engage with the game.”

The winners of the respective categories were:

• Under 8 champion: Dylan Flanagan

• Under 10 champion: Ocean Simmons

• Under 12 champion: Odin Flanagan

• Under 16 champion: An Mei Daniels

• Under 18 champion: Dimitri Goncharov

Best female: An Mei Daniels

Highest scorer: Dimitri Goncharov

Best rank improvement: Ocean Simmons

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