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  • Daniel Cabral

Interschool Chess Championships 2017

Teams representing three schools participated in the Bermuda Chess Association’s [BCA] second Interschool chess tournament this weekend.

Students from Warwick Academy, Saltus Grammar School, and Port Royal represented their schools at the event held at National Youth Library in Hamilton. After a tense final round on board 1, Warwick team A managed to claimed victory over Saltus and Port Royal, which both tied for second place.

“It was a great event,” said one of the organizers of the event. “Our hope as Bermuda’s official FIDE affiliated chess club, is to include as many schools as possible in future tournaments. That way, youth of all ages will have the opportunity to receive ratings recognized by the World Chess Federation and become stronger players.”

“This initiative, has seen tremendous support. There are many children across the island that are keen to learn, but up until recently haven’t had much opportunity to play. By providing a space and tournaments for youth to become involved, we are confident that the skills they learn by playing chess will prove invaluable to them off the board as well.”

Players of all ages are welcome to stop by the National Youth Library on Saturdays to learn and play. Parents can also fill out the online registration form on the club’s website here. The BCA will continue Interschool Chess in the new year.

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