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Congratulations Larry Ebbin!

Head of Bermuda Chess Association Larry Ebbin

“For many decades, Larry Ebbin has devoted his time and energy to volunteering and helping those in Bermuda’s community. Countless people throughout the Island, including our seniors and youth, have benefited directly and indirectly from Larry’s acts of compassion, kindness and goodwill.

“His passion is the game of chess. And over the years, Mr. Ebbin has helped to educate, inspire and develop a wide section of the local community through teaching, promoting and organising chess in Bermuda. Thousands of the Island’s students have learned the virtues of the game because of Mr. Ebbin.

“Mr. Ebbin has worked to organise and drive Bermuda Chess activities on an international level – in particular he has spearheaded numerous World Chess Olympics trips for the Bermuda Chess team to the Philippines, Armenia, Turkey, Azerbadjan, Russia, Spain, Norway, Germany and Italy.

“As the ambassador of Bermuda chess he has enabled many visits by world famous Chess Grandmasters to Bermuda.

“To date, Mr. Ebbin continues to devote himself to giving Bermuda residents of all ages a chance to discover and learn the game of chess and its many benefits.

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