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Simultaneous games with Grandmaster Johan-Sebastian Christiansen

The Bermuda Chess Association is for a week playing host to visiting Norwegian Chess Grandmaster Johan-Sebastian Christiansen. The renowned chess prodigy visited Bermuda and showcased his exceptional skills in a simultaneous exhibition game at the Bermuda National Library on Wednesday night. Johan-Sebastian Christiansen, currently one of the most promising talents in the world of chess, took on 15 opponents simultaneously and beat them all without a hitch. The event saw a record number of spectators, eager to witness the grandmaster's prowess. The crowd was diverse, including seasoned chess players, aspiring juniors and curious fans of the game. Christiansen's visit not only promoted the spirit of competition but also served as a reminder of the international allure of chess. The Bermuda Chess Association expresses its gratitude to Johan-Sebastian Christiansen for making this event possible and thanked all who came for their enthusiasm and support.

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