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  • Daniel Cabral

Bermuda Interschool Chess Championships

The Bermuda Chess Association organized the island’s first ever, Interschool Chess Championships at the National Youth Library on Saturday, 20th May 2017. Primary students from Port Royal, Warwick Academy, and Saltus Grammar School participated in the event. The finals will be held in June to determine the winning school team.

It was fantastic to see the kids enjoying themselves over the boards and conducting themselves with such a high degree of class and sportsmanship. We (the BCA) are thrilled to have so many players participate and hope in future to include more schools so that children of all ages can have the opportunity to learn, play, and experience all the benefits chess has to offer.

Studies have shown positive results in academic achievement in kids who play chess on a regular basis. But beyond this, the skills chess teaches children goes far beyond just the classroom. Decision-making, discipline, and time-management are just a few of such skills kids can take away with them anywhere they go.

Currently, the BCA has four schools participating in their after-school chess programs and they encourage parents to ask about chess clubs at your child’s school or to bring them, if they are interested in learning, to the Bermuda National Youth Library on Saturdays from 3:00pm-5:00pm.

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